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Trip Down Memory Lane

Once there were three of us: me, DJ Angel, and Ken. High school batchmates we were, and we weren’t really close way back then. But once upon a coffee break at Beanstalk Baguio, we talked about plans, goals, all about the future.

We wanted to do a lot of things, and podcast was the only one of them. We planned and prepared for it, one of us even bought microphones and all. But our different priorities came between us, where one of the three traveled to pursue a life-long dream; another got distracted with being in the “now”, and another who just held on to our plans, while building a career.

Present Time:

Here we are, one just out of reach, but two of us (me and DJ Angel) still remain. DJ Angel has a live streaming career at Live Cuddle, while I write, literally. Then…Hamilpuff Talks was created. Raw unfiltered voice of a hopeless romantic, seeking deeper conversations with every human she encounters, if possible.

Hamilpuff Talks, the Podcast…

is where I talk about random stuff, where I’ll be when I am not writing and telling you stories from time to time. But I created an ongoing series called “Hotcakes and Coffee”, where we (me and DJ Angel) will be gathering various local (for now) artists, idealists, and hobbyists to share their extraordinary stories. This is only every other Saturdays of the month, and of course, we’ll be with you munching over hotcakes and our favorite coffee.


I mean, it may not matter to you but it definitely matters to us because not only do we love talking and getting to know these people, but we also love to introduce them to you.

I hope you enjoy the show!

If you want to talk about the podcast, send us a mail at

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