Projects and Partnership: What Would I Do?

I have always wanted to work as someone who organizes stuff, creates projects, and working with people. I have always craved for a title I believed I can handle quite well. Now that I have met someone with it, I realized I know too little about it.

But if I were to have such title:

…I would make the team comfortable around me first, to prepare them for what’s coming up ahead. Especially when I know nothing about the team that I will be handling.

…I’d organize 2 days of meeting for casual conversation, to get to know them and take a grasp of their individual personalities. Of course, I can easily ask them what they think their strengths and weaknesses are, but I don’t really take it to the heart cause nothing’s accurate with stuff like that. It differs for every task. So I’d like to see it, first hand.

…I would take a day off, study each team player, and brainstorm who will work with what particular task. I have to make sure that the one working with the task given fits each other like coffee and sugar.

…There will be times that I will be talking to only one member, but I will not let other team players feel like they’re being left behind or that I have a “favorite” among them.

…Transparency. Every step of the way. I will not hide any information, be it good or bad. I’ll tell them straightforwardly, knowing that some may be hurt or angry, but I have to tell them. All. The. Details. Why? It’s a necessity. It’s a must. I don’t want to create confusion, nor do I want them to misunderstand my future actions. They have to understand why I will be doing things. And there are times that things can be unacceptable to some. But they have to know.

…I would not show them who’s boss or who’s supposed to follow. We are all equal and the same.

…I would not be careful with my words. I would not sugar coat stuff. It’s a hassle. I’ll just be myself and the words I will be delivering is me, talking, no filters, no sugar, no need to read between the lines.

…I would often buy food for all, because what gathers people be it a team or whatnot? Food. And I’ll buy not because I need to gather them but because I love them.

…I would buy gifts every now and then, for them. Just because. It’s just a way of saying “I appreciate you and I am impressed by how awesome you are!”


Any thoughts?

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