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Projects and Partnership: 2016 Lessons

Projects, projects, and more projects. How shall one restrain herself from doing something new? When threatened it stops and becomes a villain, when supported it goes well as though it is too good to be true. If not my own personal project, then at least something to do for others (more about that later).

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And now, aside from learning the new WordPress, I am baking up a casual podcast while waiting for a designer’s p.o.v. on this another personal project that I have. What more? Nah, enough. You might just roll your eyes now and close your browsers.

Before 2016, I am my own man/woman (huh?). I mean…I am a one-woman team. I do everything from brainstorming to creating a blog from scratch to the logo and feel and design of it, to monetizing, decision-making and promoting myself to the world I know little about. Nobody but me and my screen, consoling each other as we learn the bits and pieces of the online trade. And I strongly believed that I can do anything and everything ALONE, without help from anybody. Well, technically I had help from other sites, but geographically speaking, none.


2016 came, that moment when I finally got out of my shell to pursue something public that you might call me “brave” and “gutsy” if you knew me back then, for entering such industry. I learned the hard way, as I tried to be myself and do it all again, alone. Three lessons from that year:

One. I learned how a team should work together by being taught and hurt by observing all sides.

Two. I learned how hierarchy pulls the strings and how it makes you feel vulnerable when you are alone in a battle you know you’ll lose anyway.

Three. Stubbornness and the “will to change” something is useless when nobody believes in you.

In short, never charge into a battle alone.

So, go out there and get to know a lot of people and maybe along the way you’ll find your own team, your own tribe, your own people. It pays to have a few of those individuals who judge or criticize you without you being too grumpy about facts and criticism.

I myself is still building up this so-called personal team, but I can confidently say that I do not do all things alone anymore.

Do you have any projects of your own? Do you have a team working with you and your project? If you’re in a company where teams reside, do you have a personal team whom you could rely on? Do you have someone or some people whom you consider as the ones who you can trust when it comes to decision-making and doing stuff alongside you?

Any thoughts?

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