Force Majeure

When something happens that you do not have control of.

force majeure (force ma·​jeure | \ ˌfȯrs-mä-ˈzhər  -mə- \) n.

                   1superior or irresistible force
                   2an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled— 
– Merriam-Webster
A word used in theater, for a natural phenomenon like rain, and other stuff we cannot control. And today, learning about the word is such a bliss. It is a French word that if you translate it literally it means superior force.
Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels


People will often tell you that they’re right and that the things you do are wrong. And you cannot do anything about that. They will insist on how right they are and how wrong you are, most of the time. Especially when you don’t talk back.
But certain things happen, like a third party butts in and tell you both that you are the one who’s right, ignoring the one who’s insisting he’s right. That is force majeure in the works.
Isn’t that amazing?

Any thoughts?

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