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Essay Unsubmitted

There was a time when I have to submit an essay for some kind of “Award”. At first, I could not write it. I contemplated it for a day until it became a week until it was two weeks before the Awards Ceremony. I heard about the others who’re supposed to be on the list. Some became an entirely different person in a suit when they went into a room for an interview. I chickened out and reasoned I had a lot on my plate.

But in reality, I was not sure if I deserve to be in the SILEW Awards. And because I was too scared of people and interviews, something came up and became a valid reason: the day of the Awards Ceremony is the day of my flight to Malaysia. So, no point in submitting anything at all.

And here is the essay, raw, unedited, unsubmitted. For us to laugh at for today.


Leading without Position

“You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paulo Coelho

For someone who loves challenges and enjoys the thrill of the unknown, I took this step to see if Paulo Coelho’s quote above is true. Doing something new and drastic during my last term is risky but I did it anyway.

There are a lot of activities that the organization conducted, and I have been participating in some if not most of the activities. I was assigned a role in some of the activities and saying “No” would mean that I am not fulfilling my role as a member of the organization. Even if I do not know if I can do it, I only think and believe that I can, and it goes well in the end.

I have been a Director for the Theater Plays, namely: A Doll’s House, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hedda. Being a Director has made me a better person through making me work with other people and by envisioning the result of things.

I was the host for the Women’s Month Celebration in March: Poetree, where, even with a few participants, made me stand and do my part.

In May, I dedicated myself into doing something special for the organization. My desire to make something has led me to be the head organizer of Phantom Night, an Acquaintance/ Tribute to Graduates Party held at The Ritz Hotel on June 22.

Organizing an event, no matter how big or small the number of attendees or participants are, is a risk nobody would just take. There are a lot of challenges in this area, like scouting for the right venue, thinking about how the stage and the whole venue would look like, the food that would satisfy most if not everybody’s taste, and the flow of the program. A problem arose with the paper works too and it was resolved a few days before the event proper. But overcoming these would be harder if you do not have the right people to work with.

On June 22, the event was a success and it went smoothly with a few flaws due to time management and other technicalities. What is important is, most of the attendees enjoyed and that it pushed through.

With all these events, I believe I have become a better person and I have grown alongside Language and Literature Society. Even if I am not an assigned officer, there are a lot of things an ordinary member could do, if only given the chance. And, you are what you believe yourself to be, whether you believe yourself to excel in something or otherwise.

In the end, the essay was stuck in a pile of essays and whatnot in my folders. A week before the ceremony, I ended up writing somebody else’s essay. I loved writing for that person and we can even say that I kind of overdid it. Again. Or maybe I just love writing somebody else’s story and never my own.

Any thoughts?

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