Short Stories

Dream Catcher 6

I dreamt of you last night. I don’t know why or how but I was beside you. My head on your left arm and my fingers brushing through your naked body. My eyes got bigger as I realized what I was doing in a dream. I looked at you in search of answers but you were just your usual self with that lazy gaze.

I was slowly putting my left hand away from your chest, thinking that I should not be doing this. But you caught my hand and kissed my fingertips. I shut my eyes and wished to wake up this instant but I opened my eyes again and I saw you staring at me. You held me tight as though I was about to fall. Your body felt so warm I worried this might not be a dream. The ceiling is turning and I can feel the heaviness of the moment. Almost dozing off, I only saw you utter some words I could not hear quite clearly. After a while, I felt your lips on mine, soft and gentle, and I did not want to stop. I could not help but laugh at the thought that I am dreaming of something so intimate–too intimate for me to handle.

I pushed you away but you did not budge. You were still smiling and the words you were telling me seemed so distant I could not think more about it. I looked at the white sheets below us and around the room. I could not recognize the place. Where were we?

I heard a loud thud and when I turned my back in surprise I was in a coffee shop, a waiter leaving a hot Dark Mocha in front of me.

Any thoughts?

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