Short Stories

Dream Catcher 4

I dreamt again, but I was not sure if it was about you. Because I could not recognize the face of the man I just pecked on the lips. I opened my eyes and was puzzled. I was quite sure it was you when I was about to tease you from behind. The man who I thought was you looked back at me, surprised. That is when I realized it wasn’t you because if it were you, you would not be so surprised.

You never get surprised with kisses because you are used to it, being kissed by random women from everywhere. Although, you were surprised the first time I did it to you because you never imagined your imagination would come true to you, according to you.

I held the face of the man I thought was you. I did not want to make a big deal out of it so I just said, “that’s a lock to our friendship!” and smiled broadly. The man in front of me smirked as though he knows me too well to react anything else to that. At some point, he looked like you. I put my cold hands down, thinking how normal it would feel if it was you who I kissed on my birthday.

The thought of my birthday made me dizzy and nervous that when I blinked I was inside the elevator, on my way up to the fourth floor of a building for an interview, my first interview in ten years.

But…who was that man in my dream then?

Any thoughts?

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