Short Stories

Dream Catcher 2

I could not stop thinking about Beatrice. Is she new? Is she one of your new girls in tow? I could not stop thinking about it and maybe that caused me to dream of you yet again.

I opened my eyes and I saw you laughing sweetly at someone. I could not clearly see who it was, but it was your sweet smile you were wearing. You must be serious, right? I was sitting on my usual spot, our spot. It’s where we used to talk and laugh, just like what you are doing right now. Someone tapped my shoulder and sighed. “That’s Beatrice, the transfer student,” he almost whispered. “But don’t worry, you know how he is,” he continued. He assured me of you while I was too busy staring at you for me to look at who he was then.

You walked towards us and I swallowed hard. ‘Are you jealous?’ I wanted to ask. But you leaned on the wall behind me and looked me straight in the eye. “Stop staring, it’s creepy.” You whispered as you smiled. Ahh, The Pretence Look I presume. I was too stunned to say a word. I could only watch your back as you walk away, someone clinging on to your arms like you were some tall bamboo.

What was I thinking, jealous? No way. It’s not like you to be jealous over anybody. My tears were about to fall when someone grabbed me tightly.

I opened my eyes and I was in the library, staring at a classic book: Moby Dick. I still did not know who Beatrice was.

Any thoughts?

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