Personal Notes

Thank you…

There are people around you who will always have your backs, through thick and thin and you may not be blood-related but they are there for you.

And I would like to take this moment to appreciate the people who are always there, no matter what. Thank you. For listening to my rants and banters and ramblings. I may even say things which do not make sense but still, you are there, listening patiently. I think you are annoyed at times, it shows, but I just ignored it. And so, thank you.

Thank you for helping me with things, no matter how hard the task is. You are there to try and help, although we both know I’ll find a way, you still try your best. Sometimes you go overboard and over help, and for that, I do not know how to repay you.

Thank you for answering my calls, or messages, any time of the day. Even when I’m just passing by to annoy you or to send you some random gibberish stuff, you still answer anyway. Because you know me too well. Such a spoiled friend I am. One message and you ask when or where and in a jiffy, you are there, either with a Starbucks or a hanky, ready to lend your ear to my complaints and whatnot.

Thank you for being there, just listening to everything. We both know we cannot do anything about the past and sometimes the past just haunts us like shadows in a horror movie that there are times I need to let it out of my system. It so happens that I keep on sharing those wounds with you. For that, I appreciate you so much.

Thank you for bullying me (not the kind of serious bully, but the good kind of a bully) every single time. Our paths may have parted but “distance” is just a word. Your randomness makes me laugh and you know how to make the day full just by saying something funny, to the core.

Thank you for always pushing me, always telling me to “just do it”, because we know how uncertain I can get with stuff I want and that I easily give up with the slightest hint of threat or fear. I can be annoying most of the time, being such a baby when I want something but decides not to have it.

The list goes on and one post is not enough to share all my “thank yous” to a lot of people. But I just shared the major stuff, the circle of people who knows me best–who knows how I think, how I speak, and how I do things. You know who you are, I don’t need to enumerate you one by one.

Someone asked me lately, “Why are you like that?” What the question meant was: Why are you always trying to please people? Why do you do stuff for people when it’s taking a toll on you? Why do you care so much for others’ well-being?

The answer is written above. Because there are people who have my back, no matter what and vice versa. I simply want people to have that kind of person beside them. I want them to feel and know that there is someone who has their backs, no matter what. And that I can be one of those people who will always be there for them.

Even if I complain about it, even when it is so stressful already. I just need time to recharge, which I hope some people would give. Others would wonder why I seem distant. But hey, just a reminder, I need my “me time” too. I hope you understand. I’m still here, just taking a break from everything.

Any thoughts?

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