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Rainbow Rowell Wish List

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, the first book I ever read (so yeah, it means I have it already! I got it as a Christmas gift from ma’am Jamie, one of my coworkers/friends) that I that was written by Rainbow Rowell. I can’t get over it that I want to collect all her books. Well, you can say that aside from Paulo Coelho and John Green, I now love Rainbow Rowell!

I even created a wish list to keep track of what I will be collecting!

Landline, Attachments, and Eleanor and Park! Ohhhh! I just wish this situation the world is in would end soon so I can get a hold of Barnes and Noble or other international book stores!

Of course, the Simon and Baz duo from Fangirl! Urgh! Dying to have them!

I don’t know where to get original funko pops of these! I am not sure if Barnes and Noble have them. But yeah, this is the only time I am ever interested in funko pops! I blame my book addiction and the creator of funko pops for making me love them more!

There is a lot of other Rainbow Rowell creations out there, from graphic novels to ordinary yet special books and other collectibles but the ones I listed are the top priority for now! Gawd, this is making me hyped up I won’t be able to sleep properly until I get my hands on them! If only I could get the Simon and Baz print set and all those signed copies! Urgh! Plus those shirts and sweaters! Okay, stop me. hahaha

P.S. If you know where I could get original funko pops of Simon and Baz, please let me know!!!

Any thoughts?

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