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Have a Superb Weekend!


What are you doing this weekend? Tune in to Hotcakes and Coffee Series under Hamilpuff Talks for Episode 2! We talked about Life Drawing with kuya Paeng, an artist and a friend, from nowhere but Baguio, of course. We’re also researching stuff that involves publishing, comics, and graphic novels for an ongoing project. Anyways, here are some articles around the globe that might be useful for you somehow.

With the immeasurable publishing options, we’re settling for two right now.

7, 9, 10, 15,17, and 19

I still prefer something I can touch

this weekend bag is a must-buy!

the music encouraged me to play.

will this be any good like NFS?

remote work vs. distributed work

for techies

Our city mayor announces MGCQ for our beloved city!

as suggested by ma’am Gina, let’s watch!

Morning Brew‘s daily news keeps me on the loop with what’s happening around the world. hihi

I want THIS. I badly want it I wanna wish on a wishing star! Hah!

Random Thoughts:

I also started reading manga on Webtoons. How many times have you heard me talk bad about online reading? Haha. Never did I imagine myself reading manga online, cause I prefer flipping pages with my own hands than clicking keys on the keyboard. But then again, whatever is available for study purposes. Whew.

A lot has been going on that some close friends have been kept in the dark. Well, all I could say is that… I’m sorry, I can’t update you on the minor and major events every time it happens. You know how adventure influences me when things happen in such suddenness. If you’re that interested, then message me. Otherwise, let’s cut the pretense and move forward, shall we? (bitter? ehe?)

Due to a lot of technical writing tasks for me lately, I realized I have certain words that I hate or that I want to avoid using and number one on that list is “affect”. I don’t know why though. Haha. It makes me cringe whenever I see the word.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it…or so goes the topic in my live stream with DJ Angel. How I wish the people who needed it most were there to hear 10 sides of the story. Plus, having 40+ audience made our live stream: Talk that Talk a regular show! It will be every Thursday at 10 a.m.! See you there!



Any thoughts?

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