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Have a Refreshing Weekend!

Hotcakes and Coffee Episode 4

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re reading this again for inspiration and whatnot. Also, episode 4 of Hotcakes and Coffee is up on Soundcloud! We’re talking with Jelly about her book review while we’re sniffing and kinda snorting our way into our microphones due to weather changes. Here’s to hoping you have a refreshing weekend ahead, and here are a few links from around the web…

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Random Thoughts:

I decided to take a break from free therapy clientele. I think I won’t be able to handle everything, for a few months. Maybe come back by 2021? HAHAHAHAHA.

-The Doctor is OUT.

Finally writing the graphic novel, officially! Whew! I did not know that this will have sponsors and all, but luck is tossing the coin. So hopefully, this will move forward…

I told one of the mentors in a hobby, about how I’m out and the like. It felt good and that I’m happy about it. Waiting for another kit next week. 😀

When we’re not writing, we’re building. How about that? HAHAHAHA. Instead of actively listening to rants and banters and down system minds and hearts, we’re doing something we love…yet again!

Hunting for cafe and coffee shops to review, soon! Nah, not really a review but more of a grab-pic-post-and-go kind of thing!

A lot of revelations for the week and am drained. Literally. Brain, body, and soul. Will I be back in isolation too soon?  I haven’t enjoyed being myself yet and now it’s like the universe is forcing me to cover my head in a thick blanket and sleep. Why’d you had to ask questions from old wounds? And you even asked while I am at work, while my mind should be focusing on deadlines and possible future tasks.

Ended the week with the comforts of McDonald’s and workfam’s laughter. That’s all I need to feel a little less scared of everything.

It’s a nice day for a Friday. It did not rain, it did not show any signs of gloom. But what’s with the long face, J?

Any thoughts?

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