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Have a Dashing Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? The closing of June has got us into one hell of a bumpy ride with what’s happening near us so you might have witnessed some silence here. Anyways, here we are, looking forward to a rainy weekend at home. We’ll be reading something this weekend, am not yet sure what it is, but we have to read something new, no matter what. Haha.

Cheers to drunks and drunken misfits, Liquor Ban has been lifted but the memo about it was deleted after an hour of posting it on Facebook. So, which is which? Either way, here are some links for your weekend reading, if you’re not reading a book…


a shoe I’d kill for

Shakespeare’s reminder


masked selfie, shall we make one?

have you seen The Death of Louis XIV ?

I work from home (NY)

a very awkward breakup

my kind of flowers

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Random Thoughts…

I have been busy, finishing up tasks from work and thinking about how to do it efficiently and faster so as to make time for other stuff like learning ‘business’ and hunting for good to great places in ‘the new normal’.

Catching up with old friends from 10 years ago seem a bit difficult nowadays, but hey, I’m preparing for more mini-reunions and whatnot.

‘When will the graphic novel start?’ is one of those ‘million-dollar question’ moments as of late. And from random people too! Even people who aren’t that close to me! How great is that?! It is so great my hands are shaking with nervousness and excitement! HAHAHAHAHA.

The Podcast. A journey we never knew would come sooner than expected. Starting it and loving it slowly, I never knew I’d come so far as 5 episodes. I have no idea about podcasts or speaking per se, but here we are, learning along the way.

Brand Ambassador. Jewelry and face care including makeup. Are we really going that path now? What’s the harm in trying? But if you knew me, I put sentiments into stuff I have and I don’t want to do some common promotion like what others are doing. How to start this? Not sure, but let’s give it a go anyways.

May you have a dashing weekend, like how am having despite the annoying wisdom tooth. Question: Do you gain wisdom when you have wisdom teeth? HHAHHAHAHAHAHAH


Any thoughts?

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