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Personal Notes

Adiós Mayo!

Here we are again, one step closer to deadlines and whatnot. May has given me a closing BANG! with the constant need for me to be a better listener. How about you? How’s May? How do you start your month?

Have you ever talked to different people about different situations that made you spin yourself literally and have an annoying headache? Not that I am complaining about it. I am no therapist, not even a psychologist, but I wonder why me? I guess it’s too late to question that now.

Recap: May in Summary.

I shared a list of Netflix recommendations, a reaction to language change, and if you have noticed, I am more into weekends than that of weekdays. In a nutshell, it has been quite a month, with it closing like a bomb exploding on June’s front door.

So, so, so…

Adiós Mayo, Hola Junio!

What to expect this month?

Hamilpuff Talks

  • Two episodes of Hotcakes and Coffee from Hamilpuff Talks. Hotcakes and Coffee series runs every first and last Saturdays of the month, bringing you artists, idealists, and hobbyists from all walks of life. I had doubts about this, which made me want to stop cause I am no DJ, not even trained to speak well. But certain people push you to do things outside your comfort zone and that in itself is thrilling. So I guess this will move forward…

untitled comic book project

  • Untitled Comic Book Project. With a partner. This one happens behind the screen, meaning, I may or may not be able to update you about this. I’m just saying that here it is, people! We’re doing something for fun. A lot of researches, readings about the comics territory, and exploring a totally different world from what I normally know. Should I tell you about this journey? Hmm, you tell me.
  • Back to the office. Yep, we’re seeing those white-walled stations again but in an unusual way now. Some things change when you start to see something uncommon if you know what I mean. So yep, more office-related content for you.
  • Baguio, Oh Baguio… Let’s explore our beloved city in “The New Normal” perspective. How does one continue to live in the city, or how does one start afresh in here? Stay tuned!
  • Things in Between and Beyond. Just random stuff for you, be it link posts or understanding people, or whatnot. You tell me. I often do this through ramblings or rants under the “Personal Notes” category. Ahahaha. Let’s talk about anything under the sun.
  • We will start showcasing artworks every weekend while we’re all waiting for the Untitled Comic Book Project reveal. Nyaha!




Any thoughts?

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