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Vintage Beauty

On the roads that we have traveled we have gone far. Maybe further than we have imagined. We have built, we have created. More than what has been told. The world is your playground so as they say. And indeed, we have played beyond our limits. But with it came a price—a price that we all pay. As the earth cries for reprieve, we have continued to deceive—ourselves. Yes, you and me.

Here to forth we conceive of a future won with vibrant colors of deep hues and luster. Where perhaps we may escape from the dangers we have made. There we will go as here we trade. We might even seek the outside grounds for comfort; we may even dig up the holes of the earth in search of answers. What if and has been and what may not be. But the earth’s call cannot be shut down even as we turn our eyes towards the stars. For as is has been and ever will be, this is the only earth we will ever have.

But somehow have you ever thought that the answer we’re looking for has always been in front of us? If only we dare to see. That somehow what makes it all worthwhile was something that we left behind. Especially when we found it once more. That what has been may heretofore be of import as it has always been. That the beauty we wished to restore need not pay a price. As a shell that shines in the sand need not be of poison to the waters rise. For earth, she will always have a giving hand if only we are ready where we stand and realize that not by accumulating or using or destroying shall we find the beauty of life but only by giving. And here to forth, we need to embrace what has been held of value by those who throd thence; and such value may even be valuable hence.

On the roads that we have traveled may we always remember. Not only the things that we left behind but also the past that shaped us from the start. Sift them through and see the gems, to keep and cherish as you bring them to your future; which you may use to restore and recover from the pollution in your hearts.

As you take this journey to the past with Art Lozano’s works of art, he wishes for you to see the true beauty of life. Walk with him and feel as though these vintage space has taken over you even for a little moment of your time.

– Jenna

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