The Aquitania Journey Part 1

There was a rowdy kid who skipped school to eat chips and draw in a fast-food establishment in town. Every day, she buys a dozen or more bond papers, sharpens her pencil, and heads to Chowking with only Chicharap and soda on her table.

One early morning, during one of her Morning Skip Time Moments, she was there again, as usual, drawing randomly, not caring about the old people scattered around, drinking coffee or reading the weekly paper. She only felt two old men reading and chit-chatting on the table next to her.

After an hour or two, one of the old men went away and she noticed that the one left behind was facing in her direction. ‘Uh-oh, stranger alert!’ she thought. She was trying to cover what she’s working on while trying to hide her face, but it was all too late. The old man laughed a little. “Can I see that?” he said, pointing on the pile of drawn papers in front of her. She handed it to him nervously. The old man smiled as he flipped through the papers, examining each page. He put it back gently on the table and asked for an empty paper and a pencil.

He held the pencil and drew swiftly, his fingers moved light as a feather. After a few minutes, he smirked and handed the paper with a rough sketch of her! She was in awe and amazed by how perfectly he did it in a small amount of time. “You can still improve your skills, you know,” he said. Her eyes got big with the realization of what’s coming next. He signed the paper and told her to come back there tomorrow, same time as today. She nodded and packed her stuff rapidly, excited to leave and think about what just happened.

She became an art student of B. Aquitania, one of the renowned local artists in town. He showed her some of his artworks at the Convention Center, gave her an enormous sketchpad and a new set of pastel colors, and transferred from 7 11 Convenience stores to Public Libraries to the park, and so on. The location was always based on what subject they’re going to tackle. From shadows and shading to lines and shapes.

At first, it was weird for her, to have someone teach her arts formally and for free. But as time passed by, she got used to it. For her, it was the start of her journey with arts, the one thing she did not expect to step on, as she only thought her drawings as ‘for fun’ and nothing more.

But he disappeared one day, as she was also sidetracked in life. With this, we could call it a phase, something that you go through in a certain amount of time, at a certain point in life. But just like turning points, she got through with it, in however you may think she did it. With this turning point, she looked for him, her mentor, her teacher, one of her so-called true friends but to no avail.

This was the beginning of yet another journey with arts. In her head, she had a mission: to find her missing teacher and continue her studies in the field of arts.

Any thoughts?

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