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Something To Do Right Now

People are in a panic with this virus spreading around the world. They go grocery shopping in bulk, leaving zero to none for others. Some worries about losing money with their office-based employment, business, and other income-generating schemes out there due to the virus. Work from home jobs is hot right now along with everything going digital. And all this is yet another chapter in our lives that we will look back to.

But why should we let these bad things get into our nerves to the point of madness when all we have to do is think of ways to use the time that is given to us.

While the world is at war, let us all take this time to reflect on ourselves and do something drastic…something new. While we are all trying to adapt to staying at home during Coronavirus Quarantine, we can do the following.

Pokemon micro blocks I bought from Trojan The Designer

Micro blocks
An adorable alternative to our big Lego blocks when we were kids! They are not only cute, but they also enhance our creative minds. I can’t help but notice these Pokemon micro blocks roaming around the office so I bought some. Now I guess I will be watching Pokemon very soon. harhar.

taken by Geo from one of our workshops/build days

Scale modeling
Like micro blocks, you build stuff but with attention to detail and accuracy to reality. You might think it’s expensive and too much hassle, and you are right but to some it is a great way of relieving stress. With history and arts combined, who would not want to try this daunting yet fun hobby?

my #quarantinereads

Read, read, read!
Are you a reader already? Then try reading something out of your comfort zone like a genre you haven’t tried before. If you’re not a reader and would like to try, grab a book–any book–and read. Read it aloud the first time and do not think of the context. Now read it again, with your mind focused on what the book is telling you or where it wants you to go.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on

Write, write, write!
Have something you’ve been wanting to write but had no time before due to balancing life and work? Now’s the time for you to write that story! Don’t know where to start, I say…go ahead and write something…anything! Don’t mind about having too many mistakes, write all the way down without stopping.

photo from Cup of Jo.

Cook, bake, make something edible
It’s the perfect time to practice your skills in the kitchen! Put those ingredients and food you bought from the Panic Buying Phase to good use. I am no chef, not even an average one, so do not expect me to share any recipes here except from experts out there.

photo taken from Pugad ni Art in Baguio

Paint, draw, hug arts!
Yup, a hug would do because I know you’ll be back to your daily lives when this chaos is over. You might say that you have no talent whatsoever but hey, there’s no harm in trying. Moreover, you can never go wrong with the arts. You can draw or paint anything and call it a masterpiece, whatever you like.

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