Welcome to Hamilpuff Talks!

“Nobody here but us unexposed Asian Artists.”

It all started with Awkward. TV Series and now hanging out online as a writer and blogger of stuff concerning the creative world.

What to expect:

Personal Notes as “ramblings” in disguise. I treat this site as my online therapist. As most of you know, all I can do is write and this is how I can express myself the best, out of all the hobbies I have.

Hobbies. Tackling all hobbies and available organizations out there that are available within your reach.

Arts. Because, the world needs more arts, and everything around us is an art in different forms and shapes. I also love talking with artists, hobbyists, and all individuals in the arts industry.

Work/Business. I have tried both and both have lessons to give and they’re lessons I would like to share.

Corporate machine by day, renegade artist by night.

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